DIY Gimbap Package - for 5 rolls (FREE Bamboo Gimbap Roller worth ₱139 w/ additional ₱84.50 discount)

0.87 kg

Make Gimbap at home! 😊
This set is good for 5 rolls of gimbap!

This Package includes:

  • Premium Rice for Gimbap (uncooked) 450g (good for 5~6 rolls) (view here)
  • CJ Bibigo Wrap & Roll Gimbap Laver 10g (5 sheets) (view here)
  • Gimbap Ham (view here) brand and weight may vary depending on the day's stock
  • Gimbap Pickled Radish 400g (view here) Brand may vary depending on the daily stock available (Hamchorom / Jongga / Shinggram brand etc. 400g or 500g)
  • Matsal (Crab Stick) 150g (view here) or 160g / 216g depending on stock availability of the day.
  • House-Roasted Sesame Seeds by SIJANG MART (about 40g) (view here)
  • (FREE) Gimbap Roller (Bamboo) (24cm*24cm) SRP ₱139.00 (view here)

Additional Ingredients You'll Need:

  1. Egg 
  2. (Recommended) Sesame Oil - get here (put on knife and on the laver)
  3. (Recommended) Carrot - get here
  4. (Optional) Spinach
  5. (Optional) Cucumber - get here
  6. (Optional) Tuna - get here
  7. (Optional) Fish Cake - get here
  8. (Optional) Mayonnaise - get here
  9. (Optional) Honey Mustard Sauce - get here
  10. (Optional) Cheese (cheddar/sandwich/etc)

Don't put too many ingredients - you might not be able to roll them 😅😅

**Step by Step - How to make Gimbap**

Step 1 - Prepare all of the main components into strips and sticky rice.

Step 2 - Put gimbap laver on a gimbap roller, and carefully place the rice on top of the gimbap laver -- around two or three grains thick and only on 75% area of gimbap laver.

Step 3 - Place your desired contents at one end and leaving a small space.

Step 5 - Roll tightly using the gimbap roller.

Step 6 - Brush with sesame oil and spray the roasted sesame seeds. Cut and enjoy!

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