SIJANG MART Loyalty Reward Program



Earn 1.5% cash back.
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1. Sign Up - Get 4,000 points when you sign up for FREE.

2. Shop - Earn 3 points for every 1 peso spent at SIJANG MART (1.5% cash back).

3. Refer - Give your friends ₱100 off coupon and get 20,000 points when they make a purchase.



Discount voucher - Use points to redeem for discount vouchers. 
[200 points = 1 Peso]


Get 4,000 points when you sign up today.




FAQ - How to check my point balance?

#1 - Click the icon on the right bottom of the store.😊

#2 - The launcher will pop up and display your points balance!😊


FAQ - How to Redeem Points?

"Redeem" button will appear when you have enough points!
You can redeem every 20,000 points for P100 discount voucher.

e.g. 40,000 points for P200 discount voucher / 60,000 points for P300 discount voucher ... so forth😃