SIJANG MART Daepae Samgyup (1mm Pork Belly. Local) 500g

0.5 kg
₱359.00 ₱395.00

Finally, Sijang Mart proudly introduces its own meat brand: K-FOOD DEPOT!

Enjoy another level of premium K-BBQ meat products with SIJANG MART: K-FOOD DEPOT.

Daepae Samgyupsal originated from Korea.

It was invented by a mistake that Samgyupsal was sliced so thin and the meat rolled😅(usually samgyupsal needs some thickness for the juiciness).

Now Daepae Samgyupsal is one of most popular meat dishes of Korea!

Have you ever tried Daepae Samgyupsal? If not, you must try today!😊


  • Keep Frozen.❄️
  • Once you defrost it, please consume within a day or two.
  • The meat is not marinated. 😊
  • Local pork.