ARLA® Shredded Mozzarella Cheese 70g (Subdivided packaging - Not factory packaging)

0.07 kg
₱94.00 ₱125.00

Temporary Change from ARLA brand to EMBORG due to ARLA being out of stock at the moment. The price will go down again when we use ARLA brand.

IMPORTANT: The packaging is NOT ARLA® packaging. For your convenience, we put the cheese into small packaging - We assure you that the cheese is authentic ARLA® product.

Do you know that cheese is a perfect layer over ramyun and tteokbokki?

Put Mozzarella cheese on top of ramyun or tteokbokki and it will almost instantly soften for a creamy, yummy twist!

Here we prepared small pack serving of ARLA® MOZZARELLA SHREDDED CHEESE for your convenience! (expiry date of original packaging is March 22, 2021)

Serving Suggestions: