Ottogi Delicious Bugeoguk (Dried Pollack Soup. 14% Pollack) (Serving for 2) (17g*2)

0.034 kg

How to cook (serving for 1):

  1. Boil 300ml of water in a pot. (Put 600ml when you cook serving for 2)
  2. Put 1 pack of Bugeoguk and boil more for 2 minutes.

To cook using microwave (700W), put 300ml of water and 1 pack of Miyeokguk. Then heat for 5 minutes (600ml water and 8 mins for serving for 2).

* There are two (2) separate servings inside the packaging.


  • The package design of the actual product might vary depending on the design update by the manufacturer.
  • The price may change without prior notice depending on the foreign exchange rate and price increase of the supplier.