Beef Samgyup Set (Good for 4)

2.3 kg

Enjoy KBBQ - USDA Prime Beef Samgyup Set at home!
Good for 4 persons.

This Package includes:

  • Beef Samgyup 1kg = 2 packs of USDA Prime Woo Samgyup 500g
  • Herb Salt 50g = CJ Mild Herb Salt (100% Sea Salt)
  • Sesame Oil 80ml = CJ or Ottogi brand
  • Gochujang (Chili Paste) 200g = CJ or Chungjungwon brand
  • Ssamjang (Mixed Soybean & Chili Paste) 170g = CJ or Chungjungwon brand
  • Kimchi 250g = Fresh Home-Made Kimchi by SIJANG MART
  • Enoki Mushroom 150g~200g 
  • King Oyster Mushroom 200g 
  • Assorted Vegetables 190g = Fresh Lettuce of the day (Cleansed with Mineral Water) and kkaennip 150g with peeled garlic 40g.

How to enjoy Beef Samgyup with different seasonings.

1. Herb Salt
Simply spray over Beef Samgyup when you grill. Or you can just dip a piece of Samgyupsal into Herb Salt before taking.

2. Sesame Oil
Mix Sesame Oil with Herb Salt, and dip Beef Samgyup for added flavor. Yummy!

3. Gochujang (Chili Paste)
Spicy good! Dip Beef Samgyup into Gochujang. Very Korean way to enjoy Samgyupsal!

4. Ssamjang (Mixed Soybean & Chili Paste)
This is spicy and tasty! Similar but less spicy and more tasty than Gochujang. 😊

5. Kimchi
Yes, a must for every Korean meal. You can even grill Kimchi along with Beef Samgyup! It's called Bokkeum Kimchi.

6. Enoki & King Oyster Mushroom
Perfect to grill along with the USDA Beef Samgyup!

7. Ssam set (Lettuce / Kkaennip)
Ssam (wrap) lettuce over Beef Samgyup, Ssamjang. The classic way to enjoy Samgyupsal. 🥰

8. Peeled Garlic
Serve with lettuce wrap or just grill along with USDA Beef Samgyup and Mushroom/Kimchi!