Seoul Manim RTE 5-minute Japchae 250g (Microwaveable)

0.25 kg
₱295.00 ₱325.00


Cook Japchae in only 3~5 minutes! 😊
Ingredients: Korean glass noodle, Korean egg, Korean vegetables (onion, carrot, oyster mushroom)

When served with rice and kimchi, you can already enjoy a decent Korean meal! 😃

How to serve:

I. Microwave
1. Remove the paper package -- Do NOT open the plastic lid.
2. Cook in a microwave for 5 minutes 10 seconds -- The container might inflate a bit but it will be back to normal.
3. Remove the plastic lid -- Be careful! It's extremely hot.
4. Mix well and enjoy! 😊


II. If you have a Frying Pan
- Cook in a microwave for 3 minutes, and cook on a frying pan with cooking oil to enjoy even a better taste!



  • Contents are hot after cooked. Handle with care.
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