Sempio Sweet & Mild Tteokbokki (Topokki) Sauce 150g

0.15 kg

This is a sauce-only product, and you need to buy Tteokbokki Rice Cake (click here to buy) and add vegetables, fish pastes, and boiled egg to add flavor.

Did you know that Fish Cake, Ramyun Sari, Fried Laver Rolls, and Cheese are perfect match for Tteokbokki?

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    How To Cook Tteokbokki (using 150g of Sempio Sweet Topokki sauce)

    1. Rinse the rice cake with water, and cut vegetables (cabbage, onion, spring onion, etc.).
    2. Put 150ml of water into put together with 300g of rice cake, fish cake and vegetables and boil.
    3. Put Tteokbokki Sauce into the boiling pot after 5 minutes. If you want, you can also add ramyun sari now.
    4. Boil about 3 minutes more until the rice cake becomes soft


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