Ottogi Rapokki (serving for 2. Incld. Rice Cake, Fish Cake, and Ramen) (Topokki+Ramen) 436g

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  • This product has two (2) separate packages inside, each package good for one (1) serving (Rice Cake, Fish Cake, and Sauce) PLUS Ottogi Ramen Sari (plain ramen)
  • Cook Rapokki (Topokki+Ramen) in 4~5 minutes only.
  • Best Selleing Tteokbokki Product in Korea!

How To Serve (For 2 Servings)*:

  1. Rinse the rice cake with clean water.
  2. Put 400ml of water, rice cake, sauce, Ramyun Sari (included in the package already), and fish cake (also included in the package) into a pot, then boil.
  3. Stir well for 4~5 minutes until the rice cake gets soft.
  4. Add fried laver roll, cheese, boiled egg, onion, spring onion and other vegetables to make it even more delicious!
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 *: For 1 serving, please put 200ml of water instead of 400ml.



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