Ottogi Ramen Bokki Cup 120g

0.12 kg

This is Ramen bokki(stir fried style),
not soup ramen. 😃

How to serve (MUST READ):

  1. First of all, do NOT put the powder before step 6. (You might end up throwing away 😅😅 as it happened to many people even in Korea)
  2. Open the lid, hot water until the inner line.
  3. Wait for 4 minutes.
  4. Hold the area marked with arrow on the lid, and partly remove the lid.
  5. Pour out the how water. (Be careful when you pour out the hot water!)
  6. Put the powder, mix, and enjoy!

Reference image for step 4.

What's 'bokki'?
- Bokki generally means stir fried. 😊


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