MICKING GOLD RACING SN/CF 5W-40 (for Gasoline) 4L

4.0 kg
₱1,695.00 ₱2,450.00

MICKING GOLD RACING 5W-40 is premium top tier quality engine oil designed to meet lubrication requirements of today's naturally aspirated, turbo-charged and super-charged gasoline fueled engines.

The oil provides all season protection for engines, enhanced oxidation resistance, lower volatility at high temperatures and better pumpability at low temperatures compared with conventional motor oils, also reduced oil consumption.

Key Features and Benefits:
* Improved high temperature deposit protection for pistons
* More stringent sludge control and seal compatibility
* Strong anti-wear performance to extend engine life
* Superior detergency action to protect against a sludge and a vanish formation in cylinder
* Outstanding low temperature pumpability
* Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability
* Maintains viscosity grade with outstanding shear stability

Specification and Approvals:
Meets or exceeds the following OEM and Industrial lubricant specifications!


Typical Characteristics: