Happy Bath Body Wash (Moisture) 900g

0.9 kg

Happy Bath Moisture Type Bodywash 900g

▶ Manufacturer : Amore Pacific

▶ Country of origin : South Korea

▶ Product description
- It is a mild body shower on weak skin due to pH acidity.
- Mild natural ingredients make your skin moist and comfortable.
- Mild grain complex moisturizes the skin even after taking a shower.
- Aloe & marshmallow ingredients make sensitive skin comfortable.
- 7 harmful ingredients are not added.

- Sweet and refreshing fruity scent
- It contains fruit water made with purified distilled water.
- Cleanses smoothly and moistly with abundant foam.

▶ How to use : Apply onto shower towel to lather. After massage the entire body, rinse off with water.


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