Happy Bath Body Wash (Lavender Essence) 900g

0.9 kg
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Happy Bath Lavender Essence Relaxing Bodywash 900g

▶ Manufacturer : Amore Pacific

▶ Country of origin : South Korea

▶ Main ingredients : Lavender flower extract(100ppm), argan tree kernel oil, jojoba seed oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil

▶ Product description
- Enjoy rich lavender scent while shower with blooming scent technology.
- 5 plant oil complex (Argan oil + jojoba oil + olive oil + coconut oil + sunflower seed oil) takes care of moist skin after shower.
- Healthy natural body wash contains nature derived cleansing ingredients 95%.

▶ How to use : Apply onto shower towel to lather. After massage the entire body, rinse off with water.


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