Daelim Fried Soybean Curd (Inarizushi / Inari Sushi) 320g

0.32 kg
₱301.00 ₱315.00

Make Inarizushi at home!


  • Daelim Fried Soybean Curd (thin fried tofu) 320g
  • Rice (best with sticky rice for gimbap) - click here to buy
  • (For extra flavor) Cheddar and Blue Cheese flakes for rice - click here to buy
  • (For extra flavor) Seafood Flakes for rice - click here to buy


How to make (serving for 2):
(refer to the illustration below for better understanding)

  1. Cook rice 330g (1:1 ratio for rice and water), and mix the sauce and flakes included in the product with rice. You can put Babirang flakes for better taste.
  2. Open the fried soybean curd and squeeze the sour soup sauce included in the product over the frid soybean curd. (* Do not put too much soup sauce. * You can also put the sauce into the rice instead.)
  3. Put the rice into the fried soybean curd.
  4. Serve on a dish and enjoy!



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