Crown Vic Pie (Strawberry) (18g*12pcs) 216g

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Along with Choco Pie, Vic Pie has been known as Korea's most beloved, nutritious snack since its launch in December 1983.

Make a Wish with Vic Pie

A closer look at the pie rim will reveal a pressed pattern, which is the result of a gentle press to prevent the product from being crushed during the sandwich process. We thought it would be a nice idea to engrave something meaningful on the press mold, and found the symbol 亞.
Historically, this symbol, meaning ‘wealth’ and ‘longevity’, has been placed on the bride’s costume by her mother wishing the daughter to be happy for a long time. It was also pressed on rice cakes to wish for good health for her future children. Vic Pie continues on this tradition of our mothers wishing for the well-being for the family through symbolism.


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