Crown Mychew (Peach)

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The No. 1 Soft Candy in Korea, Mychew

Mychew’s chewable texture feels like chewing gum in your mouth while melting deliciously away like candy!

Mychew was created after two year’s development efforts to improve the existing soft candy products so that the texture would be softer and the candy would be pliable enough to be chewed like gum without sticking to the teeth. The first Mychew candies became available in strawberry and grape flavors sold in the form of a stick in 2004. Since then, Mychew has firmly positioned itself as the favorite candy brand among the pre-teens and teenagers.

The Mychew Xylitol range launched in 2007 was coated with xylitol which aids dental health, as a move to target adult customers. The flavor variations have had some upgrades, too, with combination of flavors such as Smooth Banana and Strawberry, and Lime Mango, to satisfy different tastes and changing needs of the consumers.
In 2015, we brought forth Sugar Free Mychew to help parents stop worrying about cavity when giving candy to their children. Especially, Mychew Aronia Sugar Free can be enjoyed even by those who have diabetes, and the manufacturing method of sugar-free soft candy is currently patent-pending (No. 1020150105992).


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