Crown Couque D'asse (White Torte) (8packs inside) 72g

0.072 kg

‘Couque Dasse’ means ‘cookies from the Asse region’ in Belgium, which are known to have been thrown to the people of Brussels by Leopold I, the first King of the Belgians, during his entry into the capital. He was German and of the opposition party, which forced him to flee to the United Kingdom.

He later became the first king of the newly independent Kingdom of Belgium. Leopold I, on his way from the United Kingdom to Belgium, arrived at Ostend, a major port in the northwest. During his advance into Brussels, he passed through the Asse region and met a crowd of welcoming Belgians, to which he responded by tossing cookies for them to eat. Though our Couque D’Asse may be somewhat different from what Leopold I shared with his people, this is where the name originated.


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