CJ Pork Galbi Sauce (Marinade) 840g

0.84 kg

Tip: About 140~150g of Pork Galbi Sauce is good for 500g galbi pork! 

How to Cook Pork Galbi Jjim

Ingredient: Galbi pork 1kg, Pork Galbi Sauce 280g, Water 1.2 liters, Potato 200g, Carrot 100g

1. Remove blood by putting Galbi meat into water first. Then boil 15 minutes in boiling water, then put the Galbi meat into cold water again.
2. Put all ingredients into a put, and boil with strong fire for 20 mins with open lid. Then close the lid, boil 40 minutes more with medium fire.

* You can score the meat so that the meat will better absorb the sauce.

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