CJ Gourmet Potato Cheese Hot Dog / Korean Corn Dog 100g (1pc)

0.1 kg

Potato Hot Dog is originatedĀ in Korea.šŸ˜ƒ

Review on the Korean Hot Dog (wrapped with potato) by a foreigner who visited KoreašŸ¤£

WrappedĀ with Potato Cubes.
Filled with Mozzarella Cheese and a CJ Kentucky Frank Sausage!
Frozen food, but it's as good asĀ street hot dog!

How toĀ serve?
I.Ā Using a Microwave:
(1) Put the frozen hot dog inside a microwave.
(2) Cook for 1.5 mins for 1 stick / 2.5 mins for 2 sticks.

II.Ā Using an Air Fryer machine:
(1) Heat at 160Ā°C for 5 minutes.
(2) Put 1 (or 2 sticks, give some space between the two) and cook for 12~13 minutes at 160Ā°C.

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  • Keep frozenā„ļø
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