CJ Gourmet Premium Pork Sirloin Crispy Tonkatsu ( MOZZARELLA)450g

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Premium Tonkatsu by CJ Gourmet brand.😃

How to serve?
I. Using a Frying Pan:
(1) Put 6~8TS (about 40~55ml) of cooking oil and heat the frying pan on medium fire.
(2) Once the pan is heated, cook the tonkatsu on medium fire for 4 minutes.
(3) Cook for 5~9 minutes more. (Flip tonkatsu in every 1~2 mins to avoid burning)
(4) Put tonkatsu on kitchen towel to remove oil, and serve with rice, sauce, or others as needed. 😃

II. Using an Air Fryer machine:
(1) Heat at 180°C for 5 minutes.
(2) Put 1 piece of tonkatsu and cook for 7 minutes at 180°C (7.5 mins for 2 pcs / 8 mins for 3pcs)
(3) Flip the tonkatsu and cook for another 7 minutes (7.5 mins for 2 pcs / 8 mins for 3pcs)

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