CJ Gourmet Crispy Mozzarella Cheese Ball 270g

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#1 Premium Cheese Ball by CJ Gourmet.😃
Yummy mozzarella cheese inside crispy balls.😍😍


How to serve?
I. Using a Microwave:
(1) Put the frozen hot dog inside a microwave.
(2) Without defrosting the balls, cook as the ff:

 No. of pcs.



1 to 2 balls

50 secs (30 secs then flip, cook for another 20 secs)
40 secs (20 secs then flip, cook for another 20 secs)

5 balls

2 mins (1 min then flip, cook for another 1 min)
1.5 mins (1 min then flip, cook for another 30 secs)

10 balls

3 mins (1.5 mins then flip, cook for another 1.5 mins) 3 mins (1.5 mins then flip, cook for another 1.5 mins)

II. Using an Air Fryer machine:
(1) Pre-heat at 150°C for 2 minutes.
(2) Without defrosting the balls, cook for 8 to 9 mins at 150°C → cook about 4~4.5 mins then flip and cook about 4~4.5 mins.

Be careful - the cooked cheese balls are extremely hot! 


  • Keep frozen❄️
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