CJ Bibigo Gunmandu (Fried Dumpling) 450g

0.45 kg
₱375.00 ₱399.95

How To Serve (Tip by SIJANG MART Manager)

  1. Heat frying pan with a very strong fire for 10 seconds. Then, put cooking oil on the pan.
  2. Put the frozen Gunmandu (Fried Dumpling) on the pan and heat with medium (or medium-strong) fire for 4 to 5 minutes. (Tip: It's better to put frozen dumpling than defrosted ones)
  3. Now, prepare 30ml of water in a cup.
  4. Hold the cup on one hand. On another hand, hold a lid that can completely cover the pan.
  5. Pour the water on the pan evenly, and quickly cover the pan using the lid. (You know what happens when you pour the water on the pan.😅)
  6. Wait until the water is gone. Make sure the dumpling is not burnt!
  7. Enjoy (recommended to dip dumpling into soy sauce mixed with vinegar and chili powder)

(It may or may not look like the picture above😅)

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Get Chili Powder (Gochujaru) here

Tips: Don't cook for a long time using weak fire. The taste won't be so good. The fire should be medium to medium-strong


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