Bohae Matchsoon (The Original Plum Wine) 14% Alc. 375ml

0.36 kg

Only using plums matured for 5 years.
Best serve chilled.

Bohae Korean Plum Wine is a wine that has been served in Korean palaces for centuries with the Plum being considered a noble fruit in Korea.

Matchsoon, made from a selection of the finest Korean plums, creates the enriched mysterious aroma of the fruit while matured for 5 years in the land of the morning calm. Used only the plums raised in Bohae's own plum farm in Haenam, Jeonranam-do, Korea.

It is highly praised by connoisseurs and regular drinkers not only for its great taste but as well for the medical benefits. The first sip will refresh your taste bud, and the second will enliven the flavor of your food. Wine-lovers, as well as others who enjoy a pleasant dinner beverage, will become fascinated by it once a drop has been savored.

Health benefits: Pasteurization, skin protection and fatigue relief

Food pairing: best served chilled as an aperitif or served with sushi, sashimi, oysters and fresh food.


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