Bibigo Plantable Vegestable Dumplings Japchae (Japchae Mandu) 420g

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  • 0.7mm thin dumpling skin! (Hand-made style)
  • Pork 22.6% with other veggies and glass noodle!

How to serve?

Type 1 - frying pan + cooking oil:
- Put cooking oil on a pan and pre-heat for 1 minute. Put the frozen dumplings and cook on medium fire for about 9 minutes. Flip the dumplings regularly while cooking. :)

Type 2 - Microwave:
- Put the frozen dumplings on microwavable dish and wrap with cooking vinyl wrap. Then cook for 3 minutes inside a microwave. :)

Type 3 - Steamer:
- Put the dumplings inside a steamer when the water starts to boil, then wait for 9 minutes. :)



- Mix (1) soy sauce, (2) vinegar, and maybe a bit of (3) chili powder. All available at here (click) !


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