Beef Gukguri (USDA Beef Cuts for Korean Soup) 500g

0.5 kg

Quality USDA Choice Meat for Korean soup cooking: Seaweed soup (miyeok guk), Beef soup, Soybean soup (Doenjang jjigae), etc.


Frozen, Fresh and Clean!
Vacuum-sealed and OR wrapped, depending on the stock availability on the day.😊

Vacuum-sealed meat might look a bit brown, which is 100% normal due to lack of oxygen.
When you unpack and wait, it will become red (when the meat absorbs oxygen again😊)


  • Keep Frozen.❄️
  • Once open, please consume within a few days.
  • The meat is not marinated. 😊
  • The price may change without prior notice depending on the price increase by the supplier.
  • The meat is not marinated. 😊